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Effective December 27, 2021, Federal Law requires that health insurance agents and brokers disclose to their individual and group health clients the compensation they expect to receive and a description of the services they will provide in return.

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Compensation Disclosure Requirements

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA) amended ERISA to include disclosure to group health plans. This means that brokers and consultants must disclose direct and indirect compensation received from insurance carriers and vendors.

What Must Be Disclosed

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When to disclose

When to Disclose

Disclosure must be provided in writing to a responsible plan fiduciary “not later than the date that is reasonable in advance of the contract date”

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Report Builder

Our online tool simplifies meeting the new Broker Disclosure Requirements and generates reports for your prospects and clients by market, product, and carrier.

  • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Efficient Solution for You & Your Staff
  • Easy Access to Carrier Compensation Information
  • Stay Proactive & Maintain Trust with Clients through Transparency
  • Wedge Marketing Tool if Your Competition Does Not Offer

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Video Presentation

Our compliance department has created a video explaining the requirements of Broker Transparency, including disclosure information as well as reporting and penalties.


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Get in-depth analysis inside our white paper, “Preparation Guide for the Broker/Consultant Compensation & Services Disclosure Requirements”.


FAQ Document

Detailed answers to commonly asked questions related to Broker Disclosure requirements and how you should be approaching them.


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