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That’s a Wrap! Looking Back at a Great 2022

-- and Ahead to a Promising 2023.

Any broker who has worked with us knows we’re always focused on the details, putting together solutions so you can be more focused on your business. 2022 was no exception. We also have big plans for 2023. Talk to your Emerson Reid Account Executive to help wrap up this year or plan for the year ahead.

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Let’s Take a Quick Glance Back – As We Move Forward

A point of pride at Emerson Reid is that our Account Executives listen. We advise. We find answers, seek solutions, and provide support.

Broker Transparency Reporting: Helping You Meet New Requirements

By the end of 2021, benefits brokers were required to inform their clients about the compensation they received from carriers. Emerson Reid entered 2022 with our online Broker Transparency reporting tool. Answer a few questions and this online reporting tool provides a compliant, easy-to-understand report for each client.

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Compliance Education. Compliance Updates. Compliance Training.

That’s a lot of compliance … and we’re 100% here to keep you in the know. In 2022, we introduced Compliance Thursdays, a recording of our weekly call hosted by our Director of Legislative Awareness & Training and shared with our broker-partners. You can SIGN UP now.

We’ve also ramped up our game with Ask the Experts, a monthly podcast where our brokers get to ask our in-house team questions and address their concerns. Log into emersonreid.com to listen to past and upcoming podcasts.

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Valuable New Vendor Relationships

Providing best-in-class resources keeps you ahead of your competitors, opens up new avenues for revenue, and enables you to expand your business. We identify vendor partners based on your needs and their demonstrated expertise in their fields.


Expand Your Reach with My Benefit Advisor

Do you have to take a pass on new opportunities because you don’t have the bandwidth in personnel or resources to take on additional or larger clients? My Benefit Advisor is a program that puts a team of benefits experts at your fingertips to help you confidently secure and service key accounts.

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Market Intelligence & So Much MORE

What we do is both simple and quite complex. Keeping you in-the-know and capable is a huge part of what we do. We’re always looking ahead to help you head off your competition, provide smart solutions, and keep you fully-informed. What we do for you is making it easier to be at the top of your game.

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The end of every year is busy for benefits brokers, don’t let that stop you from looking ahead. Contact us and talk to your Account Executive.

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