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Below is a list of our Senior Management Team and Account Executives. If you are interested in working with Emerson Reid or would like learn more about our capabilities, please contact one of our Account Executives. Please note that some Account Executives specialize in areas such as DBL, Ancillary, and Worksite.

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Senior Management Team
Arthur Hall Phone: 212-706-9416 Fax: 610-537-4810
CEO Email: arthur.hall@emersonreid.com
George Rosiak Phone: 484-351-7411 Fax: 610-537-4558
President Email: george.rosiak@emersonreid.com
Joseph Guastavino Phone: 201-815-2342 Fax: 610-537-4808
EVP Finance Email: joseph.guastavino@emersonreid.com
Isadore Baseman Phone: 717-412-3014 Fax: 610-537-4570
EVP Operations Email: isadore.baseman@emersonreid.com
Chris Goff Phone: 631-961-5117 Fax: 610-961-2313
CMO Email: chris.goff@emersonreid.com
Paul Ries Phone: 631-961-5120 Fax: 631-961-5150
President, New York Email: paul.ries@emersonreid.com
Ed Sweeney Phone: 484-351-7423 Fax: 610-537-4371
President, Pennsylvania Email: ed.sweeney@emersonreid.com
Vincent LaMendola Phone: 201-815-2334 Fax: 610-537-2734
President, New Jersey Email: vincent.lamendola@emersonreid.com
Amy Mausser Phone: 212-706-9430 Fax: 610-537-4836
Human Resources Email: amy.mausser@emersonreid.com

New York, NY
261 Madison Avenue

 Suite 602
Phone: 212-706-9400
New York, NY 10016
Account Executives
Christian Lambrugo Phone: 212-706-9441 Fax: 610-537-9884
Email: christian.lambrugo@emersonreid.com
Christina Coleman Phone: 212-706-9412 Fax:
Senior Account Executive Email: christina.coleman@emersonreid.com
Denise Monica Phone: 212-706-9418 Fax: 610-537-4394
Email: denise.monica@emersonreid.com
Hilda Talley Phone: 212-706-9427 Fax: 610-537-2791
Email: hilda.talley@emersonreid.com
Steve Austin Phone: 212-706-9409 Fax: 610-537-1940
Statutory Disability & Ancillary Email: steve.austin@emersonreid.com
Broker Support Team
Carline Barton Phone: 212-706-9445 Fax: 610-537-4611
DBL Broker Relationship Manager Email: carline.barton@emersonreid.com
Individual Department
Lisa R. Barbaccio Phone: 212-706-9443 Fax: 610-537-2237
VP, Individual Marketplace Email: lisa.barbaccio@emersonreid.com

Melville, NY
1305 Walt Whitman Road

 Suite 310
Phone: 631-961-5200
Melville, NY 11747
Account Executives
Alice Sorrenti Phone: 631-961-5142 Fax: 610-537-4856
Email: alice.sorrenti@emersonreid.com
Brian Golden Phone: 631-961-5125 Fax:
Email: brian.golden@emersonreid.com
Lisa Lindblad Phone: 631-961-5133 Fax: 631-537-1910
Email: lisa.lindblad@emersonreid.com
Sean Sosnowski Phone: 631-961-5182 Fax: 631-843-9770
Email: sean.sosnowski@emersonreid.com
Theresa Donzelli Phone: 631-961-5137 Fax:
Email: theresa.donzelli@emersonreid.com
Jared Kallet Phone: 631-961-5112 Fax:
Account Executive Email: jared.kallet@emersonreid.com
Broker Support Team
Jim Heaton Phone: 631-961-5123 Fax: 610-537-4382
Vice President, NY Operations Email: james.heaton@emersonreid.com

Elmwood Park, NJ
669 River Drive Center II

 Suite 305
Phone: 201-815-2300
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 Fax: 484-652-5400
Account Executives
Doug Ferdinand Phone: 201-815-2355 Fax: 610-537-2517
Email: doug.ferdinand@emersonreid.com
Floyd DeAngelo Phone: 201-815-2317 Fax: 610-537-2727
Email: floyd.deangelo@emersonreid.com
Frank Morina Phone: 201-815-2318 Fax: 610-362-8941
Email: frank.morina@emersonreid.com
Gary V. Cupo, CLU, ChFC Phone: 201-815-2323 Fax: 610-362-8861
Email: gary.cupo@emersonreid.com
Gene Koster Phone: 201-815-2362 Fax: 610-537-4818
Email: gene.koster@emersonreid.com
Joe Mongiardo Phone: 201-815-2319 Fax: 610-537-2723
Email: joe.mongiardo@emersonreid.com
Karen Crotty Phone: 201-815-2312 Fax: 610-537-2737
Email: karen.crotty@emersonreid.com
Ron Artiges Phone: 201-815-2311 Fax: 610-537-4628
Email: ron.artiges@emersonreid.com
Susan Hambright-Neglio Phone: 201-815-2315 Fax: 610-362-8757
Email: susan.hambright-neglio@emersonreid.com
Tony Principato Phone: 201-815-2356 Fax: 610-537-2510
Email: tony.principato@emersonreid.com
Brendan Kane Phone: 201-815-2314 Fax: 610-362-8755
Ancillary Practice Leader Email: brendan.kane@emersonreid.com
Chris McCann Phone: 201-815-2369 Fax: 610-537-4253
Account Executive - Ancillary Email: chris.mccann@emersonreid.com
Broker Support Team
Rachel Zendt Phone: 201-815-2351 Fax: 610-537-2728
Vice President, NJ Operations Email: rachel.zendt@emersonreid.com
Maria Tauro Phone: 201-815-2376 Fax:
Sales Associate Email: maria.tauro@emersonreid.com
Small Group Renewal Team
David Barry Lewis Phone: 856-533-5773 Fax: 610-537-4685
Renewal Specialist Email: david.lewis@emersonreid.com

Plymouth Meeting, PA
630 W. Germantown Pike

 Suite 215
Phone: 484-351-7400
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Account Executives
John Hobson Phone: 484-351-7420 Fax: 610-537-2786
Senior VP, Broker Relations Email: john.hobson@emersonreid.com
Eric Torban Phone: 484-351-7424 Fax: 610-537-4561
Email: eric.torban@emersonreid.com
John Jackson Phone: 484-351-7421 Fax: 610-537-2763
Email: john.jackson@emersonreid.com
Laurie Fullam Phone: 484-351-7419 Fax: 610-537-2446
Email: laurie.fullam@emersonreid.com
Bryan Damiano Phone: 484-351-7431 Fax: 610-537-4387
Email: bryan.damiano@emersonreid.com
Kelly Fitzgerald Phone: 484-351-7436 Fax: 610-537-4563
Ancillary Operations Manager Email: kelly.fitzgerald@emersonreid.com
Broker Service Team
Michele Schapperle Phone: 484-351-7433 Fax: 610-537-4566
Vice President, PA Operations Email: michele.schapperle@emersonreid.com
Worksite Solution Center & Ancillary
Bob Hallock Phone: 717-412-3016 Fax: 610-537-4190
Ancillary, Account Executive Email: bob.hallock@emersonreid.com
Sue Lane Phone: 484-351-7443 Fax: 610-537-9349
Worksite Specialist & Ancillary Email: sue.lane@emersonreid.com

Mount Laurel, NJ
309 Fellowship Road
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
Account Executives
Keith Scibilia Phone: 856-533-5771 Fax: 610-537-9294
Email: keith.scibilia@emersonreid.com
Rick Rudd Phone: 856-533-5776 Fax: 610-537-4045
Account Executive Email: rick.rudd@emersonreid.com
David Lewis Phone: 856-533-5773 Fax: 610-537-4685
Renewal Specialist Email: david.lewis@emersonreid.com

Pittsburgh, PA
2000 Oxford Drive

 Suite 420
Bethel Park, PA 15102
Account Executive
Dennis Spingola MBA, CFP Phone: 724-513-5428 Fax: 610-537-2871
VP Broker Relations Email: dennis.spingola@emersonreid.com

Fresno, CA
5200 N. Palm Ave, Suite 114 Phone: 800-780-0815
Fresno, CA 93704 Fax: 866-972-7492
Account Executive
Michael Hanney Phone: 631-961-5134 Fax: 610-537-2859
Market Leader Email: michael.hanney@emersonreid.com.com
Gail Smart Phone: 510-258-1410 Fax:
Account Executive Email: gail.smart@emersonreid.com
Jan Walsh Phone: 949-558-8611 Fax:
Account Executive Email: jan.walsh@emersonreid.com
Linda Hernandez, CHRS Phone: 559-666-2016 Fax:
Account Executive Email: linda.hernandez@emersonreid.com
Sharon Ross, CHRS Phone: 559-666-2005 Fax:
Account Executive Email: sharon.ross@emersonreid.com

Harrisburg, PA
4507 N. Front Street

 Suite 301
Phone: 717-671-5833
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Account Executives
Brad Barger Phone: 717-412-3003 Fax: 610-537-4930
Email: brad.barger@emersonreid.com
Tom Huntzinger Phone: 717-495-1380 Fax: 610-537-9265
Email: tom.huntzinger@emersonreid.com
Mark W. Sweetland Phone: 717-412-3015 Fax:
Market Leader Email: mark.sweetland@emersonreid.com
Nicole Warfield Phone: 484-351-7425 Fax: 610-537-2053
Email: nicole.warfield@emersonreid.com
Kelly Fitzgerald Phone: 484-351-7436 Fax: 610-537-4563
Ancillary Operations Manager Email: kelly.fitzgerald@emersonreid.com
Bob Hallock Phone: 717-412-3016 Fax: 610-537-4190
Account Executive Email: bob.hallock@emersonreid.com
Broker Service Team
Michele Schapperle Phone: 484-351-7433 Fax: 610-537-4566
Vice President, PA Operations Email: michele.schapperle@emersonreid.com
Individual Department
Dannette Derr Phone: 717-412-3005 Fax: 610-537-4574
Individual Operations Manager Email: dannette.derr@emersonreid.com